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Diving Breathing Air Compressors

Ensure you are properly prepared with compressors from BAY Kompressor ApS.

Compact-Line Junior, 100-140 l/min

Durability, reliability, versatility in application and compact flexibility have made the JUNIOR II a global classic and genuine best seller with more than 100,000 units sold the world over.

Dimensions on a very small scale and sophisticated technology make our most compact mobile breathing air compressor ideal for shipping, as a diving compressor, in respiratory applications, and as a compressor for paintball and sport shooting.

In short, it is a must for anyone looking for absolutely clean and safe breathing air for use in mobile applications.

This quiet and compact unit can be carried easily by a single person and will fit in almost any car boot.

Below is a selection of details and features on the JUNIOR II compressor.

JUNIOR II compressor block

The high-pressure compressor block is the “beating heart” of the JUNIOR compressor. Epitomising reliability and having proven its worth in practice for decades, more than 100,000 units have been sold the world over.

Plateau-honed cylinders and a perfect fit cooling system enable the compressor block to be used in a wide variety of application ranges.

The easily accessible oil filler neck and oil drain make oil changes easy. An oil dipstick is provided so that the oil level can be checked. Long oil change intervals and wear-resistant piston rings reduce running costs to an absolute minimum.

P 21 filter system
When used in conjunction with original BAUER filter cartridges, the P 21 filter system with integrated oil and water separator and pressure retention check valve can be relied upon for breathing air treatment conforming to DIN EN 12021¹. A type-tested and sealed final pressure safety valve enables particularly high levels of operational safety to be achieved. 140 m³ of air can be treated.

¹ If the units are maintained and installed correctly as described in the operating instructions or user manual and if the concentration of CO2 in the intake air does not exceed the values specified in the applicable standard for breathing air.

B-TIMER filter cartridge monitoring

The operating hours and the current level of cartridge saturation are displayed on the unique B-TIMER mini-computer. The B-TIMER flashes when a cartridge change is due. At the same time, the purchase order of the filter cartridge required is shown on the display. This ensures that the very best use is made of the filter’s capacity at all times.

Filling device
The filling device comprises a flexible “UNIMAM” high-pressure filling hose and filling valve complete with final pressure gauge. The final pressure gauge makes it easy to read off the filling pressure. It is protected against damage by a durable rubber jacket.

Filling hose
High-quality UNIMAM high-pressure filling hoses made from food-safe and long-life hose material make for flexible and safe handling. Swivel hose connections enable the filling valve to be connected to the breathing air cylinder quickly, easily and safely.

GS mark
The well-known GS mark which comes as standard with the JUNIOR II certifies that the compressor has been tested for safety and meets the exacting requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act. Conformity and compliance with all DIN standards is assured.

Below is a selection of equipment options on the JUNIOR II compressor.

Switch-over device PN 300/200 bar

The optional equipment for easy switching between 200 and 300 bar.

The switch-over device enables breathing air cylinders to be filled with both 200 bar and 300 bar.

For optimum limiting of the maximum operating pressure, each of the two pressure ranges is protected with a type-tested final pressure safety valve.

High-quality high-pressure filling hoses made from food-safe and long-life hose material make for flexible and safe handling. Swivel hose connections enable the filling valve to be connected to the breathing air cylinder quickly, easily and safely.

Automatic condensate drain complete with automatic switch-off when the final pressure is reached

The automatic condensate drain removes water from the intermediate separator and the final separator automatically during both operation and shutdown. This makes things infinitely more convenient for the operator, as there is no longer any need for the time-consuming process of draining condensate manually at regular intervals. Another benefit is that the compressor is switched off automatically when the final pressure is reached.
At BAUER, safety always comes first: all of our models are equipped with an electric drive conforming to DIN EN 60204 for full CE conformity with a miniature control complete with control transformer.

Stainless steel base frame and carrying handle

The stainless steel design provides the best possible protection against corrosion for applications in tropical regions or at sea.

Additional filling device PN 200 or PN 300 bar

There is the option to supplement an existing filling valve with the addition of one or more filling valves with filling hoses of varying lengths.


The trolley for the COMPACT-LINE units is designed for the simple and safe transportation of your compressor across any terrain. This is ensured by the large pneumatic tyres and the stable manner in which the compressor is secured.
For maximum flexibility, you can either leave the compressor on the trolley or lift it down to operate it. Turning a handle on the trolley allows you to secure your JUNIOR or OCEANUS in place and lift it back down again.
The length of the handle can also be adjusted to make handling the trolley particularly easy. The handle can also simply be detached to allow for convenient transportation of the trolley by car.

Other voltages/frequencies

All electric motors are available with other voltages and frequencies on request. A voltage range from 110 to 690 V at 50/60 Hz is covered.

Compact-Line Junior

JUNIOR II compressor, 90 – 330 bar, 100 – 140 l/min, high-pressure compressor for compressing air and breathing ai.


free air delivery ¹




L x B x H





approx. kg


JuniorII-B 100 Robin/Sabaru 4-stroke petrol engine 4 44

78 x 34 x 42


100 Three-phase motor, 400 V, 50 Hz2 2.2 46 66 x 36 x 42



Alternating current motor 230 V, 50 Hz2



66 x 39 x 42

¹ Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar, ±5%
² Option of different voltage/frequency available


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