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Poseidon Edition PE-HE, 250-300 l/min

The PE 250-HE and PE 300-HE horizontal units in the POSEIDON EDITION series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN are one of the most compact stationary units in their performance class. They strike an outstanding balance between price and free air delivery. With proven core components and a robust chassis in the high quality BAUER has become renowned for. Thanks to the space-saving arrangement of compressor block and drive, the units in the HE series, which have been designed with absolutely no compromise … Læs mere

Poseidon Edition PE-100, 100 l/min

The PE 100 is by far the smallest and lightest unit in the PE series. Its possible uses are virtually unlimited: with three drive options (petrol, three-phase current and alternating current), it is suitable for use in all manner of different applications on land or in vehicles. Ideal as a breathing air compressor for groups of divers and fire crews or for the rapid filling of cartridges for sport shooting and paintball. In the petrol version it is even capable … Læs mere

Poseidon Edition PE-VE, 300-850 l/min

The breathing air compressors in the PE-VE series are characterised by their impressive peak free air delivery rates of up to 850 l/min. Professionally customised to meet individual needs and FAD requirements in breathing air applications, the PE-VE units offer practical equipment, typical BAUER quality and certified safety for reliable stationary operation.

Poseidon Edition PE-TE, 200-300 l/min

POSEIDON EDITION units combine core components from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN in uncompromising quality whose ability to perform is beyond doubt with equipment that has been optimised for its intended purpose. The familiar durability, high safety and clean air quality conforming to international norms and standards naturally also comes as part of the package. The PE-TE breathing air compressor series strikes a particularly good balance between price and free air delivery. Their integrated oil pump supports angles of inclination of up to … Læs mere

Poseidon Edition PE-MVE, 250-300 l/min

The PE-MVE from BAUER is the compact complete solution in a vertical format for all applications requiring medium delivery rates. Equipped with noise insulation housing as standard, the PE-MVE is ideal for use in environments where noise is a key concern and for customers who need reliable and durable service combined with low running costs. What’s more, the high-pressure compressors are already equipped with an automatic condensate drain and easy-to-use BHW CONTROL, which has a fully automatic mode for filling … Læs mere