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Profi-Line Mariner, 170-320 l/min

The mobile BAUER compressors in the PROFI-LINE II series have been designed for high free air delivery in mobile applications. The CAPITANO 140, MARINER 200, MARINER 250 and MARINER 320 are equally suitable for use in privately and commercial filling stations. They are the ideal choice for all users who value the durability, performance and high quality of a genuine BAUER compressor and need to be able to rely on important key figures such as cost-effectiveness, long service life, outstanding … Læs mere

Verticus, 450-680 l/min

The VERTICUS series has been developed and built specifically to meet high performance requirements in continuous operation in professional applications. The new VERTICUS combine the legendary BAUER compressor blocks with improved components and ultra-modern design! During the redesign, the focus was on ergonomics, making operation as easy as possible, reducing noise and boosting efficiency. All control elements that are important for everyday operation are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible from the front. The compressor control monitors the fill level and … Læs mere

Profi-Line Capitano, 140 l/min

Our mobile compressors are right at the cutting edge of technology for transportable breathing air compressors. The JUNIOR II and OCEANUS COMPACT LINE compressor units are characterised by their ultra-compact dimensions and very low weight. Our transportable high-pressure compressors are suitable for use in a wide and varied application range: by private divers and in small diving centres, for installation on sailing yachts and cruise ships or for straightforward installation in fire engines or fire stations. Put your trust in … Læs mere

B-Blending Nitrox system, 260-450 l/min

Combined with our compressors from the Nitrox series, you can generate nitrox with a mixing ratio of up to 40% O2 at an affordable cost and wherever space is at a premium. Uncompromising safety was our top priority in the development of B-BLENDING. A combination of mechanical and electronic safety mechanisms ensures that the oxygen content of the gas mixture achieves the precise value you have set, irrespective of external factors. To provide excellent flexibility, B-BLENDING is offered as a … Læs mere

Mini-Verticus, 150-320 l/min

The new MINI-VERTICUS combines the legendary BAUER compressor blocks with improved components and ultra-modern design! During the redesign, the focus was on ergonomics, making operation as easy as possible, reducing noise and boosting efficiency. MINI-VERTICUS is now available with a higher charging rate of 320 l/min and with an open design as standard. As Super Silent version, the MINI-VERTICUS is ideal for use in environments where noise is a key concern and for customers who need reliable and durable service … Læs mere

Kap-Line, 370-680 l/min

The KAP-LINE breathing air compressors by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN impress by combining unmistakable BAUER strengths and outstanding charging rates with compact dimensions. Their horizontal design, incredible corrosion resistance and low centre of gravity mean that they are capable of continuous operation in a wide and varied range of mobile, marine and stationary applications even under the harshest of conditions.

Compact-Line Junior, 100-140 l/min

Durability, reliability, versatility in application and compact flexibility have made the JUNIOR II a global classic and genuine best seller with more than 100,000 units sold the world over. Dimensions on a very small scale and sophisticated technology make our most compact mobile breathing air compressor ideal for shipping, as a diving compressor, in respiratory applications, and as a compressor for paintball and sport shooting. In short, it is a must for anyone looking for absolutely clean and safe breathing … Læs mere

Kap 220 & Kap 23, 650-1480 l/min

The stationary air-cooled high-pressure compressors in the KAP series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN impress with virtually unlimited free air delivery which can rise to almost any challenge, be it in the context of standard compressed air applications or mobile applications in off-road scenarios. The breathing air compressors in the KAP 220 and KAP 23 series are ideal for use in conjunction with fire-fighting equipment used by fire crews and when responding to major incidents. Featuring tailor-made system solutions such as external … Læs mere

Compact-Line Oceanus, 140 l/min

The OCEANUS impresses with its excellent performance data: despite being almost identical in size, it can fill a breathing air cylinder up to 40% faster than the JUNIOR II. Designed for challenging professional applications, it impresses with its durability, mobility and high free air delivery. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant base frame made from stainless steel, the OCEANUS is the ideal compressor even for tropical climates. It is used on ships, submersibles and expeditions, and is also suitable for use as … Læs mere

B-Nitrox membrane system, 260-450 l/min

B-NITROX is BAUER’s nitrox membrane system. This compressor system enriches breathing air with an increased oxygen content of up 40%. With B-NITROX, BAUER is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete nitrox system certified by the TÜV. True to BAUER’s uncompromising safety philosophy, all components have been perfectly matched. The B-NITROX unit has been designed for reliable nitrox supply to stationary, professional diving centres, safari boats, live-aboards, yachts and cruise liners as well as for commercial diving … Læs mere

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